Read on the web Issue #7 — APRIL 20, 2018
Warrior Letter

Introducing a new giveaway in this issue with the latest & one of the best selling WSOs of the last week -- "The Clones". Enjoy.

-- Damir


How “Video Selling” Got Loud Rumor from 0 to 500+ Agency Clients Within 19 Months
Mike shares the exact system he used to grow his own agency from zero clients to more than 500 in just over a year and a half.
Mike Arce

Theclones Win A Copy Of "The Clones" WSO -- The Latest & Hottest Deal From Brendan Mace
Starting with this issue is first giveaway -- one of the hottest and best-selling WSO package in the last week. Check it out...
warriorletter giveaway

3 Content Marketing Myths and Their Reality-Based Solutions
Busting three myths and mistakes that can hold writers back — and how to move forward again.

How To Get Leads From Your Targeted Audience
Part 3/3 looks at squeeze pages do's and don'ts, lead-capture forms and traffic -- with examples!

GDPR: What Growth People Need To Know
A deep-dive on how GDPR affects growth marketing. In their words "If you’re in growth, and not preparing for GDPR, you should be."
Lauren Bass

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

15 Tips On How To Optimize Your Call To Action Button For Conversion
Neil explains what he discovered about creating call-to-action buttons that work.
Neil Patel

How To Turn Traffic Into Reasonable Conversions
Another newbie struggling with converting traffic into sales gets detailed steps to improve conversions.

Write Better Headlines: 6-Step Feedly Headline Experiment
If you want to attract attention and drive massive amounts of clicks, then there’s one thing you must do...
Jesse Wisnewski

Warrior Forum goodies

How to Start A Profitable Amazon FBA Business in 2018... Even If You Are Clueless! (Part 1/3)

Ask Me Anything About Product Sourcing And Importing For Profit. ― Veteran Importer Here.
A 22-years-in-bussiness veteran importer spills the beans how he does it...

What I Learned After Cold Calling About 600-800 Businesses
Cold-calling script, word-by-word explained in details, so you can put it into action right away.

Ultimate Bing + Clickbank Guide

Stop Doing Stupid Niche Research
Its 2018 and your still clinging onto Niche research methods that are pre 2007 methods.

Growth Hacking

12 Bold Landing Page Styles For Paid Advertising

How I Raised $300k in 30 Days (And Why I Went to the Dark Side After Being a Hardcore Bootstrapper)
A real-life story of a launch almost gone bad...
Laura Roeder

26 Writing Exercises That’ll Give Your Content More Punch and Power
You may not write like those blogging champions now, but with a little help and a nudge...
Mel Wicks

8 Need-to-Know E-Commerce Image Optimization Hacks
Ever wonder why your product image doesn’t show up when you do a Google search for your product? Learn why & how...

4 Tips for Engaging Instagram Content [Examples]
With over 800 million users and an average duration of 192 seconds per visit, Instagram is good answer to quickly gowing your user-base...

10 Amazing Instagram Stories Examples (With Tips & Tricks to Copy)
Highlighting ten amazing Instagram Stories examples that reveal best practices from leading brands.
Andrew Tate

Quickly skimming

Stop Losing Sales with These 8 Persuasive Web Design Principles

What is a Facebook Pixel? [Easy Guide]

How to Get More Facebook Traffic by Posting Less

How Do I Get Traffic, Subscribers, Followers, Without Paying For Ads?

Why Shopify Instead of WooCommerce?

Instagram ADs vs Facebook ADS

Are Heatmaps Actually Effective? Interview With Hot Jar Founder

10 Easy Ways to Create Product Pages that Convert

The 9 Best User-Generated Content Platforms for Driving Engagement and Sales
Barry Feldman

How to Buy Instagram Likes (And Why It's a Bad Idea)
Caroline Forsey

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