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21 Landing Page Tips To Help You Stop Screwing Up Your Conversion Rates
Landing page optimization is hard -- in the real money-counting world! So stop screwing around and see what CRO master Peep has to say about it...
Peep Laja

Facebook Ads Case Study: How This Digital Product Got A 4 X Lifetime Roi
Read detailed 4X case-study why building a positive Facebook community is one of the greatest things you can do for your brand.
ad espresso

The Link Building Strategy Behind These 3 Incredible Seo Case Studies
Matthew is releasing a 100% free video training series that will - quote: "change the way you do SEO forever"...
Matthew Woodward

5 Reasons No One’s Reading Your Blog Posts
Chances are, your information is good. Facts are all there. But it’s not compelling enough to get people to sit up and take notice.
Brad Smith

How To Write An Ecommerce Product Page That Converts At 26%
There are certain elements every high converting page has in common and I don’t want you to have to figure those out on your own -- read about them here.
Neil Patel

6 Proven Sales-Boosting Colors
Detailed explanation of why these six colors trump any other when it comes to conversion. Ignore it at your own peril...
Richard Bayston

Landing Page Optimization Secrets To Boost Subscriber Growth
Which elements are best at persuading visitors to take action -- not that I agree on everything written here, but still, this is a nice refreshing read...
Brandon Weaver

31 Insanely Useful Resources For Writing A Bestselling Book In 2017
A rather largish list of 31! bestselling-book-writing resources you better read... or else!
Ali Luke

Why Sex Doesn’t Sell
Ha! I never thought THIS way when seeing sex scenes in the movies -- and why the don't sell...
Robert Bruce

9 Steps To Creating A Magnetic Blog
Easy reading, 9 useful steps to start attracting more visitors to your blog -- and, with words of auther: "bring you money"...
Sergey Aliokhin

Google Releases New & Improved Quality Score Reporting
Google has decided to add three new status columns to the Keywords tab reflecting—you guessed it—the individual components of a given keyword’s Quality Score.
Allen Finn

Insanely Effective Sales Techniques To Sell More To Existing Customers
Four main principles of selling more to your existing customers with effective sales techniques for each -- including real-world examples of small, medium, and enterprise companies which used these techniques to increase sales numbers.

The Revival Of Email Newsletters And The Rise Of Mobile First Email
Rebecca said: "If you’re anything like me, you probably started it at the breakfast table hunched protectively over a cup of coffee, blearily reading something on the screen of your smartphone."
Rebecca Sentance

Google Analytics Is Lying To You And 7 Ways To Force It To Tell The Truth
Most analytics programs have to make a few implicit assumptions -- And unless you know where to look, you could fall victim to these little white lies.
Daily Egg

5 Low-Work Tactics To Appear In The Search Results
But let’s be honest. SEO is back-breaking and often mind-numbing work. But it doesn’t have to be. Here are five marginal-effort tactics you can (miss)use...
Neil Patel

Don't Fall For These 24 Myths About Facebook Ads
An excerpt (but a good one!) from free guide on common Facebook myths you shouldn't fall for. Link included...
Kate Taylor Mighty

How To Know What Your Customer Wants Without Asking
Why relying solely on surveys can literally ruin your business.

A Behind The Scenes Look At How We Generated 1,263 New Leads
A case study worth reading, with steps breakdown and a nice TOC for speed-reading...
Carlo Pacis

Quick Copywriting Lesson Taken Directly From An Email Marketing Fail
She signed up for her tattoo shop newsletter and new owner recently started mailing harder... Here are mistakes he did...

How To Create High Converting Content
Just that -- a simple and fast guide on how to create high converting offers. Nuff said!
Shane Barker

How To Grow Your Blog To 100 K Monthly Visitors (From Scratch)
A 16-step process for growing your blog to 100K monthly visitors (or more) from scratch.
Sujan Patel

What To Do When You Have Nothing?
Forum discussion on what steps to take when you're just starting from scratch...

This The Secret To Going From A Good Writer To A Great One
What’s the best way to accomplish tangible and seductive element in their writing that growls “You better take notice of me”?
Demian Farnworth

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