Read on the web Issue #2 — MAY 16, 2017
Warrior Letter

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Don't Burn Your Bridges In Internet Marketing... Control Yourself
Just a piece of advice to anyone having hard time controlling sometimes 'bad' behavior...

If You Sell Info Products Online, You'll Want To Make This Change Now....
Some of the best advice you can read this week, even if not liked and commented much on the forum. He got the last part right...

The 5 Simple Parts To An Actual 7 Figure Funnel (With Screenshots)
User Shawn from warriorforum was on a roll this week and posted yet another great piece of information -- how to set up profitable funnel, including screenshots!

Landing Page Analysis: Breaking Down Ct As For The Top 100 Saa S Sites
How you can improve the delight-factor and efficacy of your CTAs to generate more paid leads from your landing pages
Sean Thomas Martin

How To Become A Great Copywriter
Best copywriters do not write. We assemble! Best advice -- shut up & listen!

8 Can't Miss Off Page Seo Strategies
If SEO is your thing, read what off-page SEO is and why you cannot afford to ignore it...
Ronell Smith

10 Indispensable Online Tools For Managing Your Social Presence
Here's 10 of useful, easy-access online tools out there designed to help you organize and manage your brand’s social presence.
Chris Camps

Automate Your Lead Gen With Facebook Lead Ads And Zapier
How to automate getting fresh leads from FB's lead ads into your autoresponder -- with little help from zapier.
Kim Kadiyala

Improve Your Ad Words Ad Copy — Three Changes You Can Make Right Now
Here are three things you can do right now to improve your relevancy score. If you wanna drive ads performance...
Jason Puckett

The Little Known, Conversion Assisting Factors That You Might Be Ignoring
What are micro-conversions? Why they matter? And how can these little [blip] sabotage your efforts -- read here

Sales Closing Email Copywriting (Surprisingly Simple)
Kat Von Rohr has written dozens (if not hundreds) of promotional emails for Leadpages and Drip for the past 3 years -- here she shares all of her best copywriting tips to drive sales with every email.
Darcy Coulter

Ignored Your Blog For Months? 13 Tips For Getting It Back On Track
Before you throw in the towel of defeat, know this — it’s not too late to fight for your blogging dream and claw back the attention of your readers.
Miranda Hill

[Part 1 Of 3] How To Collect Up To 58% Email Optins From Lost Readers Using Your Old Content
Today I’m going to show you a method that’s helping to collect far more subscribers every day, all from the traffic we already have

10 Facebook Ad Optimization Hacks For Massive Success
Take your Facebook ad optimization to the next level with these hacks.
Karola Karlson

[Google] Major Changes To Enhanced Cpc Bidding
Google announced a major change to how it would handle certain ampaigns’ bids -- by more than 30%!
Mark Irvine

7 Writing Tips For Savvy Content Creators
Following seven tips will (over time) help you become one of the savviest content creators.
Jacob Warwick

Steal These Subject Line Formulas And Boost Your Open Rates
I’ve collected the subject lines from our most opened emails and analyzed them to see why they work.

Why Copywriters Need Wireframes
What does copywriting has to do with wireframes? Doesn't copy dictate design? Shanelle from ConversionXL explains it clearly...
Shanelle Mullin

How To Build Backlinks When You Have A Brand New Site And No Money
How you can start getting backlinks -- even if you're brand new with a brand new website. Neil tells it all...
Neil Patel

Become Facebook Superhero 125 Point Guide
Facebook Ads Manager can be a tricky -- here's a step-by-step overview of Facebook Ads Manager, from setting up your first campaign to optimizing for higher ROI
Johnathan Dane

The Beginner’s Guide To Google Optimize
Why choose Google Optimize over other testing tools? Why not Google Optimize 360? (Free vs. Paid) -- see the answers here.
Shanelle Mullin

How To Profit From "Email Is Dead" Guru Drumming
Ben tells how he profits from "email is dead" drumming from various gurus for the last 15 years. Warning: Not for the faint-hearted.
Ben Settle

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